Hardware Support Services

Keeping Desktops and Laptops running properly can be a challenge at times. We are fully aware of just how critical it is to small business owner that their computer systems are operational at all times. Our hardware team will quickly diagnose the issue and provide you with a solution.

Even new computers can have issues at startup, or be hindered with unncecessary files or unwanted programs. Just as frustrating is having a slow computer. Allow our technical team to setup or clean up your desptop or laptop so that it can run more efficiently.

Our team will strive to resolve the matter on location, and keep your 'down-time' to an absolute minimum.

Hardware Support Services include:

  • Test hardware for proper functionality
  • Diagnose & troubleshoot issues
  • Perform system updates
  • Backup, Restore, or Transfer data
  • Wipe a computer clean (reset)

Software Support Services

With Operating Systems and software applications constantly in-flux, the potential for issues is almost a given. Ensuring that installations and upgrades take place properly is critial activity for the small business owner. Our team tirelessly works at monitoring the upgrades and releases performed by the 'major-players' within the industry.

This allows them to quickly identify any potential incompatible software issues, potential virus or reported alerts on software releases.

Software Support Services include:

  • Perform OS installations or updates
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Ensure compatability & install software
  • Perform necessary software updates
  • Uninstall unwanted software
  • Update software drivers and utilities

Mobile Device Support Services

Mobile devices now constitute a major part of a companies infrastructure. And as such, the operation and support of these devices lends to the success of the small business.


New devices, new applications, new and changing operating systems, all demand that the small business owner quickly react to the changes and needs within this arena.

The Allonsy Solutions team stays on top of these changes and developments, and can efficiently provide the level of support needed.

Mobile Device Support Services include (iOS & Android):

  • Device Setup and configuration
  • Application installation and upgrades
  • Integration with business Apps & services
  • WiFi and VPN connections
  • eMail services
  • User device remote access
  • Security and provisioning

About Allonsy Solutions

Allonsy Solutions is a boutique digital consultancy group headquarted in Kirkland Washington. With over 30 years of IT industry experience we have been helping the small business owner establish their brand, reimagine their business, and provide impactful solutions powered by the lastest technologies.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help the small business owner accelerate adoption and integration of existing technologies, untangle their understanding and issues of emerging technologies, and assist in orchestrating solutions to promote stability and growth..

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